OHSAS 18001


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Health and safety plays an increasingly important role in business today.  Failure to comply with health and safety legislation can have severe consequences for you as an employer or manager with penalties of up to €3,000,000 and/or 2 years in prison. With this in mind, you need to be absolutely certain you meet all legal requirements.  To achieve this, health and safety must be actively managed. OHSAS 18001 is an essential tool in an employer’s armoury when seeking to improve health and safety.OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001

It is worth pointing out the requirements of Section 8(2)(e) of the Act which extends the duties of the employer to “providing systems of work that are planned, organised, performed, maintained and revised as appropriate so as to be, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health”. These requirements are mirrored throughout this standard and compliance with its requirements will greatly assist any employer in complying with the requirements of Irish health and safety law.


The best way to manage health and safety and ensure compliance, is to put in place procedures and plans that take account of the risks involved and appropriate control measures. Such procedures and plans need to be checked from time to time and reviewed accordingly. In other words, you need a Safety Management System. OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognised Safety Management System which has been developed to assist employers in developing effective controls for health and safety and against which they can obtain certification.

Business Safety can save you time and money in developing your safety management system by drawing on over 18 years experience in Health and Safety across numerous and diverse sectors.

Our Approach

  • Establish the scope of the system with the Client
  • Develop necessary documentation including:
    • Safety policy
    • Risk assessments
    • Safety management procedures
    • Workplace safety procedures
    • Roles & responsibilities, and
    • Objectives, targets and management plan
  • Provide assistance with roll-out (if required)
  • Conduct pre-certification audits
  • Provide ongoing support

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