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Business Safety offers specialist risk assessment training in Ireland for companies and individual employees. The courses we have to offer are designed specifically to assist your business and help it comply with the latest Health and Safety Regulations. We offer guidance for anyone that has the responsibility for risk appraisal in the workplace and deliver a detailed programme of content designed to help you appreciate the principles of the assessment, whilst giving you the skills required to successfully complete safety assessments in the workplace.

This detailed training course gives you a detailed insight into all of the major steps involved during any hazard evaluation. It will highlight how to identify potential risks, teach you how to manage the threat, and also expose the chance of harm, giving you the confidence you need to successfully complete risk assessments in the future.  

Training Content

Content Included as Part of a Risk Assessment Training Course Includes:

  1. Legislation
  2. 5 step risk assessment process
  3. Hazard categories
  4. Hazard identification
  5. Risk assessment methods
  6. Risk controls
  7. Recording Risk Assessment Findings
  8. Multi-choice Assessment
  9. Course Review

Duration – 1 Day

Book risk assessment training with us and the course duration is 1 day and involves a comprehensive and detailed range of content for all participants, covering all aspects of risk and safety assessments in a host of workplace environments. All training is provided by health and safety experts with extensive knowledge in the risk management industry.

Training Methodology and Teaching Principles

We only use the latest training methodology and teaching principles here at Business Safety for your peace of mind. When you book training with us you can rest assured knowing you are safe in the hands of experts who provide the very finest health and safety training.

All of our trainers use slideshow presentations for instruction and presentation purposes and we provide handouts for all participants which cover the main points of the presentation. We can alter these materials as appropriate to suit your business and industry so they reflect your needs, tailoring the training to suit your individual requirements.  

The 1-day workshop requires continued group input throughout the day and this is followed up with a multi-choice assessment at the end of the training, with individual certificates issued to each attendee who successfully completes the course.

For Risk Assessment Training at Your Choice of Location, Contact us!

All of the training courses we have to offer you can be completed on or off-site, at your offices or at your place of work. We are happy to provide an assessment course at your premises or any other suitable location of your choosing, just contact us today with your individual requirements and let us tailor a course for you.    
Each and every trainer here at Business Safety operates on a countrywide basis covering areas such as Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Carlow, Kildare, Limerick and Meath. To arrange risk assessment training for your staff at your choice of location, please email us at, or call to speak to us about your training requirements on 0818 333 212.  

Risk Assessment Training – Certification

Individual certificates are issued for each attendee who successfully completes the workshop.

Our trainers operate countrywide. To arrange Risk Assessment Training for your staff, please contact Business Safety on 0818 333 212 or email us at:

Covering: Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Carlow, Kildare, Limerick and Meath.

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