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Manual Handling Training Courses – Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Carlow, Kildare, Limerick and Meath

Manual Handling Training from, Choose Business Safety for manual handling training courses for your staff, and you will receive an expert and tailor-made solution that will benefit your business and employees greatly.

These benefits will come through increased awareness of the causes of injury and the principles of good manual handling practice.

We will come to you to deliver your manual handling training course, meaning:

  • Your staff learn on your premises, using the equipment and loads they handle every day – no using empty boxes, ‘dummy’ loads, or unfamiliar pallet trucks or other moving equipment in a strange meeting room or classroom setting
  • Minimal disruption to your working day – no need to allow extra time to travel to and from the course location
  • More cost-efficient – no need to factor meeting room hire into the price of your course

Conducting manual handling training courses for your staff in their everyday setting, with familiar loads and tools, is the proven method of gaining maximum Health and Safety benefits for your workplace.

REMEMBER: We come to you, to deliver the best manual handling training course possible.

Our Manual Handling Training Courses

Our manual handling training courses in Ireland take approximately three hours and are delivered at a time to suit you.

To ensure optimal learning outcomes, there is normally a maximum of twelve people accommodated per manual handling course. Participants should wear closed shoes or boots, with loose-fitting comfortable clothing.

Courses begin with a classroom-style session. We establish the specifics of your own workplace and your manual handling and other Health and Safety training needs before covering the theory of safe manual handling methods and their importance.

Manual Handling Training Topics covered include:

  • Health and Safety legislation
  • Understanding the limitations of the spine, discs, and muscular systems
  • Dangers of unsafe lifting techniques
  • Injuries associated with improper manual handling techniques
  • Conducting a manual handling risk assessment
  • Safe manual handling techniques
  • The role of personal protective clothing and equipment
  • The importance of physical fitness.

This is followed by practical demonstrations, using your own materials and equipment, so staff learn using exactly the items they use every day.

Our course instructor first gives demonstrations of safe techniques before inviting attendees to do the same during a practice session. A questions and answers session takes place alongside these demonstrations, so your staff gain any further information they may need regarding safe manual handling specific to their own role, physical condition, or other consideration.

Manual Handling Certificates

At the close of each manual handling training course, participants are required to take a short questionnaire and carry out a practical test to show understanding of the course content.

Successful completion of these tasks will see them awarded a Manual Handling Certificate, issued by our QQI-certified instructor. Certificates are valid for three years.

Why arrange Manual Handling Training Courses?

Manual handling training courses are a cornerstone of Health and Safety in the workplace, for all businesses including industrial, retail, commercial, manufacturing, and construction.

Health and Safety legislation states that all staff engaged in manual handling procedures must be given training in safe manual handling techniques. This is to minimise the number of accidents in the workplace, as statistics published each year by the Health and Safety Authority show improper manual handling to be the cause of approximately one-third of all non-fatal workplace accidents and injuries.

By using Business Safety for your manual handling training course needs, you are guaranteed a solution specific to your needs, in your premises, and bringing maximum benefits to your company.


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