Business Safety can help you create a safe working environment by providing on-site Abrasive Wheels Training.

abrasive wheel trainingWe come to you to deliver Abrasive Wheels Training, delivering the following benefits:

  • Your staff learn using the equipment they use every day – instead of just learning theory, or learning using unfamiliar equipment
  • Minimal downtime to your working day – no need to allow extra time for travel to and from the course location
  • More cost-efficient – no need to hire a meeting room for your course.

Our Abrasive Wheels Training courses are tailor-made to your business operations and requirements, for proven results in delivering maximum benefits for your organisation.

What exactly is an Abrasive Wheel?

Abrasive Wheels include items such as grinding wheels, cutting discs and diamond-tip discs.

The relevant Statute contains the following definitions:

  • A wheel, cylinder, disc or cone which, whether or not any other material is comprised in it, consists of abrasive particles held together by mineral, metallic or organic bonds
  • A mounted wheel or point and a wheel or disc having (in either case) separate segments of abrasive material
  • A wheel or disc made (in either case) of metal, wood, cloth, felt, rubber or paper and having any surface consisting wholly or partly of abrasive material
  • A wheel, disc or saw, to which a rim or segments consisting of diamond abrasive particles are attached

Is Abrasive Wheel Training necessary?

Yes. Abrasive Wheel Training is a legal requirement and must be provided for all relevant staff who use abrasive wheels.

Abrasive Wheel Training is also critical for the safety and well-being of staff. Abrasive wheels can cause serious injury through potential hazards including:

  • Use of the abrasive wheel at speeds higher than its recommended maximum. The wheel may disintegrate, causing large pieces to come loose and fly off, presenting serious danger to your employees or others nearby
  • Use of an abrasive wheel which has suffered a structural flaw such as a hairline crack. It may come loose and have bits fly off during operation.
  • Noise, dust and sparks which arise from operating equipment fitted with an abrasive wheel. Each of these has the potential to cause serious harm or even death.

Our Abrasive Wheel Training Courses

Our courses are a combination of a classroom-style setting and practical work. We begin by covering the theory of Abrasive Wheels safety, before moving on to practical demonstrations using your regular machinery.

Courses take approximately three hours and are delivered at a time to suit you.

To ensure optimal learning outcomes, there is normally a maximum of twelve people accommodated per Abrasive Wheels training course. Participants should wear the same clothing normally worn when operating the Abrasive Wheels machinery, but this should not put them at increased risk e.g. loose, baggy clothing which could become caught in rotating wheels or spindles.

Topics covered include:

  • Requirements of the Abrasive Wheels Regulations 2016
  • Hazards and control measures
  • Marking of abrasive wheels for type and speed
  • Storing, handling and transporting abrasive wheels
  • Inspection and testing of abrasive wheels
  • Components and their function
  • Abrasive wheels balance and dressing
  • Work/rest adjustment
  • Advisory literature
  • Covering: Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Carlow, Kildare, Limerick and Meath.

Benefits of Abrasive Wheel Training

  • Comply with legal obligation to train staff who mount, fit and use abrasive wheels
  • Reduce the risk of grinding discs and other abrasive wheels bursting
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Demonstrate to staff, clients, insurers and other stakeholders that you are pro-actively managing this risk

Abrasive Wheel Training Certificates

At the close of each Abrasive Wheel Training course, participants take a short questionnaire and carry out a practical test to show understanding of the course content.

Successful completion of these requirements will see them awarded a Certificate of Completion, which is valid for three years.

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