The 10 minute guide to farmyard health and safety 

Farming is an innately hazardous occupation, and as such, there are certain risks specific to the industry, which although can be drastically reduced, can never be removed entirely. In industries where danger does lurk, a positive and responsible approach to health and safety focuses on the identification of risk and the management of potential problems. With the appropriate training and careful attention to the health and safety rules that govern the farming sector, it is possible to effectively reduce the risk of injury to farm owners, workers and members of the public.

In Ireland, the farming industry accounts for just over 2 per cent of the total workforce, but nearly 20 per cent of the reported annual workplace fatalities. The most common accidents to occur can be split into four distinct groups:

–         Vehicles and machinery

–         Falling from height

–         Hazardous substances

–         Lifting and handling

It is not merely accidents which present a risk to farm workers. The rate of self-reported illnesses in the agricultural industry is also significantly higher than the national average.

Health and safety risk assessments

farm safetyActing pre-emptively rather than waiting for an accident to occur before seeking proper health and safety training is crucial to limiting the personal, social and financial cost of accidents. The first step in reducing the risk of an accident occurring on your farm is to conduct a health and safety risk assessment, which will highlight the areas that pose the greatest risk. Having identified the risk factors, you can then take practical action to avoid them.

The health, safety and welfare issues which require special attention in the agricultural industry include:

–         Buildings health and safety

–         Hazardous chemicals

–         Livestock handling

–         Machinery and vehicles

–         Public safety

–         Farmyard accidents and emergencies

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