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At Business Safety, we create business-specific safety statements for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and across Ireland. If you are looking to get a Safety Statement for your business, just complete our easy to use enquiry form or call us on 01 556 3310 (Dublin), 021 235 5800 (Cork) or 0818 333 212 (Nationwide).

What is a safety statement?

A safety statement is a document, which outlines how health and safety is managed by the employer. It is drawn up by, or on behalf of employers and is based on risk assessment.

The safety statement details how the company identifies, assesses and controls risks in the workplace and what protocols are in place to ensure that employees and others are protected from workplace hazards.

All employers in Ireland, including the self employed, are required to have a written safety statement in line with the requirements of Section 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.

The Act requires a company to have a safety statement, to keep it up to date, to bring it to the attention of employees and to communicate particular risks and control measures to those affected.

Why Business Safety?

Business Safety owner Emlyn Ó Troighthigh has over 18 years experience in carrying out on-site risk assessments and producing detailed, compliant safety statements and manuals at organisations from various sectors and industries across Ireland and Great Britain.

Our Approach

We start each project with a visit to the clients work location(s). This is used to find out about the business processes, existing documentation, insurers concerns, accident history etc. We then conduct the risk assessments for all areas including main business operations, offices, warehouse / stores, distribution, vehicles and, where applicable, sites. Risk assessments and safety statements can be written separately or jointly where there are multiple sites involved.

After writing the draft safety statement we then send it to the client for review. Once the relevant amendments have been made we can then publish the safety statement and issue a soft copy to the client which can be edited at their discretion.

The cost of each safety statement is dependant on the company and it’s precise requirements, this can ensure that you are getting the best service at the best price for your business.

How we work with your organisation…

Here at Business Safety, we have worked with organisations in different sectors including business, manufacturing, financial services, aquaculture, healthcare and State services. We have seen improvements in the manner in which health and safety is legislated for and managed.

In addition to legal requirements, continual improvement as a fundamental principle of good health and safety practice, requires employers to regularly review and where necessary update their safety statement. This is our business and what we love to do. For these reasons Business Safety can be considered one of the most flexible and dynamic providers of Health and Safety advice and consultancy around.

Working with such diverse and unique organisations has enabled us to imerse ourselves in the culture and business operations of our clients organisations. We know that no two organisations are the same. This is what drives us to take the time to learn about the clients with which we work and their operations.

We must first understand your business before we can begin to pinpoint how best to maximise the potential of your businesses resources. We tailor our services according to your requirements and offer insight into how to make improvements or simply how to get more from what you currently do.

To find out exactly what we can do for your business give us a call today on 01 556 3310 (Dublin), 021 235 5800 (Cork) or 0818 333 212 (Nationwide), drop us an email or use our convenient quick enquiry form.

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