Workplace safety audit and inspection

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A health and safety audit is an objective assessment of current arrangements and performance standards in your organisation. It is a useful tool for establishing legal compliance and health and safety performance levels.

Business Safety will visit your workplace(s) and conduct an audit not just of the physical conditions and activities underway, but will also carefully examine your documentation and records to establish the degree of compliance with relevant regulations. Our health and safety experts have over 15 years of experience across multiple business sectors including manufacturing, construction, public sector departments, service industries and more.

As a minimum, we will take account of the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and General Application Regulations 2007. Other regulations will be considered depending on the precise nature of the workplace and work activities, for example:

  • Construction Regulations 2013
  • Chemical Agents Regulations 2001
  • Machinery Regulations 2008, or
  • Confined Space Regulations 2001

After we have collected and analysed the data, we will create a detailed report highlighting strengths within your system as well as areas requiring improvement. We can also guide you through the improvement process when addressing any issues highlighted during the safety audit thereby minimising the amount of time and effort required in achieving compliance and reducing risk.

Safety Audit – FAQ

What is involved in a health and safety audit?

Conducting a safety audit requires a multifaceted approach. Business Safety will use the following techniques in conducting your safety audit:

  • Review your Safety Statement
  • Review supporting documentation (procedures, records etc.)
  • Interview key personnel regarding their functions, inputs etc.
  • Conduct an inspection of your workplace
  • Prepare a report of findings and recommendations


Why do I need a health and safety audit?


  • A safety audit provides a benchmark of safety compliance and safety performance.
  • Business Safety gives an independent and impartial assessment of health and safety standards.
  • After a the audit, you receive a list of prioritised actions to help you improve safety standards and manage risk.
  • The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005requires employers to have systems of work which areplanned, organised, performed, maintained and revised as appropriate. Auditing assists with meeting this requirement.


What function does a safety audit play in managing health and safety?


Safety audits are a key part of any functioning safety management system such as OHSAS 18001. A safety audit provides feedback to management on the conditions and activities within the workplace, thereby enabling management to react to non-conformances and to set or adjust procedures to avoid recurrences of such non-conformances.


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