If you operate a construction business, then you may at some point be asked to act as Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage or PSCS. The 2013 Construction Regulations place duties on most clients, which frequently includes homeowners or domestic clients, to appoint a competent body as PSCS. Some builders and developers have in-house expertise in this area but many SME organisations in the construction sector do not.

Business Safety can help you in fulfilling this role by acting as PSCS co-ordinator, a role provided for in the regulations which permit the PSCS to appoint someone to undertake PSCS duties on their behalf.

Whether your business involves construction projects, such as building one-off new office structures or repeat projects, including maintenance or repair works, you know how important it is to have someone on-site who can check all the paperwork as well as site conditions and have everything up to date and compliant.

If your primary business is not construction, and you are undertaking a construction project, refurbishment, repairs or maintenance, you will be required to appoint a PSCS but may not have the in-house expertise to do so. That’s where hiring a Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) Co-ordinator can help.

Advantages to hiring a PSCS co-ordinator

  • Peace of mind. By appointing a competent person to act as PSCS co-ordinator, you can be sure that all the relevant paperwork and site controls are being monitored and managed as required. Where failings arise, they are spotted quickly and dealt with. This gives you the peace of mind that from a compliance point of view, you and your business are better positioned to avoid mishaps and the accompanying costs.
  • Increased safety performance. Hiring a competent PSCS co-ordinator does more for your business than just tick a box. It provides opportunities for improvement in safety standards. Business Safety has an excellent record in providing our clients with practical and effective advice on improving health and safety management and performance.
  • Time management.  When you hire a PSCS co-ordinator, your time is freed up to get on with managing your own work. You don’t have to take precious time away from what you do best, running the day-to-day operations of your business and interacting with customers. We can liaise directly with your site staff or with the contractors to reduce the administrative burden on your business and to reduce the time require to fix any issues detected.
  • On-site expertise. By having a PSCS co-ordinator on site, you have someone with site safety experience who can anticipate the potential pitfalls associated with construction works and who can deal with them there and then, before they lead to a more significant issue which may cost time and money. Having this kind of expertise on site (full or part time) shows everyone concerned that you are serious about managing health and safety and the risks associated with the project.
  • Cost savings. The money you invest in a competent PSCS co-ordinator can pay for itself, possibly multiple times. Having someone on hand to maintain watch on site safety documentation, site activities and contractor performance can help reduce the potential for accidents and the associated costs. Having proper control over site health and safety also helps to avoid work stoppages and the associated costs and bad publicity associated with accidents.

Hiring a PSCS co-ordinator with Business Safety

At Business Safety, we have qualified and experienced staff to help make your next construction project a success, while freeing up your time to deal with the day-to-day running of your business. We have extensive experience working with both large and smaller projects, with global corporations and small businesses.

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