Preparing and providing a Method Statement for works about to commence is increasingly becoming a requirement in the construction industry.

Business Safety can prepare the required Method Statement for you, no matter what the scale or scope of the task at hand. Just call us at 0818 333 211 or use our contact form to supply details and get a quick quote.

What is a Method Statement?

A Method Statement is a document that sets out the way in which work that involves potential hazards is to be carried out.

The Method Statement normally accompanies the Risk Assessment and is designed to ensure that all personnel associated with the task are aware of the planned process, potential hazards and controls involved.

When is a Method Statement required?

Many large construction firms require a Method Statement from any sub-contractors they engage. A client may also request a Method Statement from their main contractor or sub-contractors.

While it is not a specified legal requirement, it helps to fulfil the obligation to show that all measures possible are being taken to ensure the safety, health and welfare of all associated with the project.

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The Method Statement process

Business Safety can provide an expert advisor to prepare a Method Statement for you, by way of the following process:

  • Site visit
  • Consultation regarding scope and sequence of the work
  • Consultation regarding tools, materials, and personnel to be used
  • Confirmation of safe procedures to be followed during work
  • Preparation of draft Method Statement
  • Acceptance and sign-off of Method Statement

Contents of the Method Statement

A Method Statement typically includes the following contents:

  • Details of contractor, client, and project
  • Scope of works
  • Sequence and method of works
  • Site set-up
  • Details of heavy plant and power tools to be used
  • Details of any relevant permits, and access/egress arrangements
  • Details of other necessary safety measures – e.g. ear protection, occupational health protection, fire protection, manual handling, chemical handling, etc.
  • Sign-off area for the supervisor and personnel involved.

Why engage Business Safety to prepare your Method Statement?

  • Expert and efficient service – we have been preparing Method Statements since 2009 and have extensive knowledge and experience in writing method statements for projects ranging from small refit jobs to major Pharma construction works.
  • Lasting relationships established with previous clients, so satisfaction guaranteed.
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