Business Safety are leading Health and Safety Consultants in Ireland, with offices in Cork and Waterford and also serving clients across the rest of the country.

We will use our expertise to identify all legal health and safety requirements for your business, and to assist you in complying with your statutory duties. We will also identify potential hazards in your operation, and put the necessary Safety Management Systems in place.

Services we provide as Health and Safety Consultants include:

  • Safety Statements – A legal requirement under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. All employers, including the self-employed, must have a written Safety Statement.
  • Risk Assessments – Also a legal requirement under the 2005 Act, and generally forming the backbone of the Safety Statement. Business Safety will work closely with you to identify potential hazards and risks in your operations, and to ensure you comply with all current Risk Assessment requirements.
  • Method Statements – Often sought in the construction industry by either the principal client or by the main contractor if engaging sub-contractors. While not a prescribed legal requirement, they assist in showing that all possible measures are being taken to ensure a safe workplace.
  • PSCS Co-ordination – A PSCS (Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage) co-ordinator may be required during any construction project. Duties include ensuring compliance and maintaining safety standards. Business Safety can fill this role for you.
  • VDU Assessment – The General Application Regulations 2007 detail the employer’s requirements in respect of VDUs (Visual Display Units) in the workplace. Business Safety will conduct your VDU assessments as required by these regulations.
  • Site Safety Officer Services – We can provide a Site Safety Officer for any construction project, large or small, to ensure all site documentation is maintained as well as overseeing and reporting on site safety performance.
  • Temporary Safety Officer Services – If you require a temporary Safety Officer – perhaps to replace somebody on leave, or for a short-term project – Business Safety can provide those services too.

No matter what your requirements for Health and Safety consultants, we will work closely with you at all times, to assist you in complying with all your legal obligations.

Covering: Waterford, Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Carlow, Kildare, Limerick and Meath.

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